Thursday, March 12, 2009


It's the day when I begin to feel the weight of the week.
When I suggest we just go to our favorite restaurant to eat. Where Jim always has our table ready. And Megan says, "Will that be two Blue Fireflies"? as our drink of choice.

What is Thursday to you?


  1. Thursdays are San Felipe to me. :-) Come, for goodness' sake! Fire up that motor home! Shrimp, beer, sand, sun, me....what else do you need?

    You're mad at me because of my brand post, aren't you? Well, listen, I didn't say it isn't important and let's take design out of the discussion, because that's where it all gets muddled. I believe in great design. I just won't bow down at the brand alter :-)

  2. Thursdays means must get home by 8:00 to watch Survivor :) Yesterday I was at my desk and noticed it was 7:55, so I packed up my things as quickly as I could and phoned my daughter to turn on the TV so that the picture would be showing by the time I got home. (Yes, old TV) We were so excited that I just missed two minutes. Which brings me back to the blog topic about the role of TV in my life ... a much needed escape!

  3. San Felipe! I would love that. The thing is there's this thing called work that is in my way. Why don't you stop in here on the way home?

    We are off to Palm Desert this weekend to see my brother and sis-in-law and our 3 precious nieces! Just for the weekend though, then it's back to work.

    I LOVED your brand post - and totally agree. The "brand" you react so viscerally to is an empty marketing jargon-laden construct. Brand for brand's sake alone. I remember having the same reaction back in the day in university when the prof told us anyone who would pay to wear a Nike sweatshirt was buying into the brand. I told him, "what if I just like the shirt?".

    When brand is done right, and holistically it is smart. And it is the filter for everything. This is harder than most people think and takes real discipline and alignment at every level of the company. I guess this is why so few "brands" are actually brought to life, and are reduced to an advertising and promotions exercise.

  4. Thursdays are my Fridays! I work four 10-hour days every week, so Thursdays are the end of a long haul.
    Now that I am in school on Fridays and Saturdays, I am usually up until until the wee hours on Thursdays night desperately trying to finish a project that is due.

  5. It's funny how Friday resonates with almost everyone isn't it? Thursday can be "your Friday" or Monday can be "your Friday". The day that creates the space between work and play is important no matter where it falls.

  6. I'm a bit late with this,
    but Thursdays are comfortable. Pleasant.

    In 9 - 5 world, the hard part is over. you're coasting to the weekend. I don't mean slacking off, I mean there is a finite amount of time for the world to blow up. And that's Friday. So not likely to happen. Thursday is a great day!