Friday, November 27, 2009

Do you ever wonder ... what will be the point?

The Point
What will be when I am gone
That wasn't before I was?
What am I that never was
Before I walked this land?
A feeling, a sense, a smell my own
A symbol to be discovered?
What will be the point to this life I lead
When I am dead and gone?


  1. ** I ALWAYS think about the things you so eloquently describe above. Some pals claim it reinforces their view of me as an off-and-on fatalist/malcontent. I respond by saying, "no, while the phenomenon of sleep remains a mystery to me (because I'm constantly tired) - I'm still happily amazed when I can wake up on my own accord to face a new day."

    ** Life from this point forward feels like a bonus. Everyone understands how quickly time flies, but do you ever look back in wonderment at the things you've accomplished - that as a younger person you never thought in a million years you would?

    ** I think the root of personal unhappiness is the artificial benchmarking I do against goals not yet reached in any aspect of my life, e.g., career, relationships, wealth, etc., whatever. Benchmarks are OK for business, but their application to the "business of living" should remain fluid.

    ** As thinking creatures, we know our personal earthly existence is finite. Whenever my mind ponders the temporary nature of footprints in the sand, I have to remind myself "to metaphorically take a picture of them in some way so that they'll last longer," e.g., beyond my use for them so that others can study 'em. In this way, I keep the pals who have passed on alive in my mind. I can still feel their presence in another room, reading, watching TV, whatever. Though I'm not a religious person, I know there must be a reason for such "presence of mind" phenomena.

    ** I really envy dogs, because the words, "the end" -- do not exist in their minds. Our perception of their lives seems short given the rewards they bring. But to dogs, there are no such things as "endings."

  2. Koose - I agree. Dogs are much wiser than us. Smarter too. Their lives are consequentially more simple I think.