Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is community more than physical?

At the ULI Spring Meeting in Phoenix and I joined in a brief conversation tonight about this very issue. If we are the "Community Development Council" that means we develop community. There is apparently some debate as to whether this is the right name for this group of esteemed and experienced real estate development professionals. At the root of it - whether or not it connotes the fact that community is a physical thing that is created.

There is after all only so much land, and what does it mean about the future of our business if there are no more communities to develop?

Good and interesting discussion for sure. I think we need to broaden the view and the lens through which we look at what we do. Community is more than master planned greenfield developments. It can be vertical community, in the form of a highrise. It can be urban renewal communities in the form of regenerated urban infill. It can even be something more than physical completely.

It can be those of us on the bus this evening who began the discourse of looking within our industry and asking ourselves what it is we believe community to be.

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