Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Do you create "bragging rights" for your customers?

Lunch break reading today - the Sept. 26th issue of Advertising Age, and a story about auto branding at the German auto show in Frankfurt. Feeling good about the grapefruit I'm eating, my eye catches the subhead: HELPING CUSTOMERS BOND WITH THE BRAND.

If you get the chance to pick up this issue, the story on Audi's "Ring" at the show (and the $14M they spent on it) is worth a lunchtime read.

Beyond that though, it made me think about what we do in the community development and real estate business everyday. Buying a home is the most emotionally charged and likely the most expensive thing you will ever buy. A close second may be a new car.

The car business has figured out how to help customers bond with the brand. The Audi example of an indoor test drive track around the Audi Ring (nod to their logo) did it. Think of the memories, the photos, the G-force their shoppers experienced?! The space is open for smart developers and builders to offer a memorable, relevant home shopping experience to do the same thing. We are on that quest as I write.

How can we create bragging rights for our customers so they leave our discovery centers and model homes and tell their friends, "Here's this great community I just visited, and the story I've attached to it." Back to work ...

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