Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We're all customers. How "salesy" can you really take?

Today I had the amazing pleasure of visiting a community we opened in Tampa, FL about 8 months ago. First, I am here to tell you, the housing market is back. People want to buy homes and they are excited to do it. The building activity is great, and we are accelerating Phase 2.

Second, we nailed it. Not to brag, but I am going to brag. The Landing (cafe, community info center, bridge to the fitness facility and pool) is working better than I could ever have dreamed. The integration of our community information with a non-sales environment is spot on. Want a coffee? How about a custom individual pour-over? I had the Waterset Blend this morning, and it did the job. Rather sit and surf? Go for it in the banquettes, located along the windows overlooking the pool.

The photo above is the community table, think farm tables of days gone by, where family and friends gather to talk about the day. Here you can check out the location, the topography, the lots available and the builders selling homes. Or, you can just drink that amazing pour-over coffee.

Super proud of this place and how we created it to be whatever it needs to be for whomever wanders in. Kind of like the bar at Cheers.

The lesson here, and the real take-away, is that we are ALL customers. What kind of experience do we all want? Not one where we are pounced on and asked what we need. Nope.

We are on our own terms, and we should acknowledge that our customers feel the same way, and create spaces that work to support that.

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