Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Connections and context

A quick trip last weekend up to Vancouver.
A chance to see family - and we spent some great times together - coffee at fave places, dinners that lasted into the night, and Mom's Day brunch.

All good times.

But the highlight for me was seeing - IN PERSON - 2 of my dearest friends, one whom I hadn't seen in 4 years, the other probably 2 years.

On the theme of "community" and therefore connections, the meet up we had made me think about how the deep connections you can share with someone, no matter the context, survive and thrive over time. I am thinking a lot about community these days, in the purest sense, as I watch it grow and in some cases erode around me daily.

The three of us have all made different choices in life, and had very different experiences, even have very different family formations, but there is this thing about a connection that never dies.

What a trip, what a time.
The "comforts of home" were great. Kimmers and HAB both know enough about me that I can shortcut the background, skip over the back story and we're all caught up. And those comforts carried over to our very different hits and misses - the things we've each experienced in our own unique ways. Some successes, some failures, but all ours. Comforts of old friends and the connections they bring, even in our very different contexts.

Now that's community - and I love mine!


  1. Deep connections. Yes. That special sort of connection you share with someone who truly knows you, and loves you, and knows you and still loves you. Just like that. Raw and real, exquisite and beautiful. Tragic, painful and lovely.

    I know no connection more beautiful and rare than that of true friendship. We are so very lucky to have even just one person we can call a true friend. True, real friendships outlast time and space, lovers, wives, husbands, jobs, locations, ups, downs, and sideways times. My one phone call... And complete confidence in unwavering support, whether justified or not – no questions asked.

    I think often of community, too. I think often of love. I experience an enviable form of community in my day to day life. I know my neighbours, all of them on the block and then some. I have a network of women with shared interests with whom I see on a regular basis. I meet neighbours in random places and stop to talk to acquaintances regularly. I received the finger twice today in traffic – so my world is ‘real’! Still, those deeper connections are rare.

    I have made some of those choices you speak of. In doing so, have experienced a kind of connection and love that knows no bounds. Immense and intense like nothing I could ever describe. For that, because of that… my world and choices make sense. But I also know another kind of love, because of my very special friends. Two of my ‘smaids’ in one place. A more diverse group of women - we five, I have never known. And in that, I take comfort. In true friendship. In true connections. In diversity, and in that kind of community. And also .. in the fact that when push comes to shove, that a little lipstick, and a pair of pink pumps, will always save the day.

  2. hey tst, great to hear you had such a rich weekend back here in the True North, Strong and Free, lol. cheers to your mom.

    your comments reminded me of a verse teachers used to write in our autograph books in elementary school. you know the one. it goes something like "old friends are like diamonds, precious and rare; new friends are like autumn leaves, found everywhere." everyone needs a few diamonds and a collection of autumn leaves :)

  3. Marc - that's a blast from the past for sure. It sounds like something Yvonne Paille would write to her students - she was/is such a dear heart.