Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bumper sticker recruits Twitter followers in traffic

If you don't know someone there are still many good reasons why you would follow them on Twitter. I get the obvious reasons, if you are trying to build your business, create a larger network, or start a community based on shared interests.

But just following them because they drive the same route you do everyday and sit in the same traffic seems a bit of a stretch for the online social media "community" don't you think?

That feels like social media loneliness to me, and reminiscent of the "masses of asses" direct marketing approaches of old.

Or maybe it will transform Twitter into another online dating service, allowing drivers to pick people up based on the make, model, year and color of their car?

If you are curious, get your own Tweet My Bumper sticker here. I know I am going to be wathcing for them, if for no other reason than the sociologist wants to see what else forms of it.


  1. Tweet this!

    Kidding. I like the idea of sharing, but the only reason I'd tweet your bumper is to get you to MOVE IT CRAZY LADY!

  2. Man oh man I'm totally with you on this. "Following for the sake of following." It's like Ashton Kutcher having a million followers or people trying to run up their "who's following them" numbers on Twitter by randomly picking people in a fishbowl that's bigger than planet Earth -- and hoping they'll reciprocate.

    Have you checked who's following you lately? I stopped. I now check about 2 times a month. I know this is going to get me blacklisted by some at Twitter but I'm sorry, I have nothing in common with some of the people who have chosen to follow me, e.g., people whose profiles indicate that they're in the singles or dating industry -- or who love partying and night-clubbing. Depending upon the degree of blatant marketing I sense at play, I have gone ahead and blocked some without their knowing it. Not many, but enough for me to notice who's just trolling for names, trying to get me to buy something for which I have no interest.

    I'm not trying to amass a legion of followers; nor am I trying to follow for the sake of following. I am trying, however, to find shared interests that warrant my following people for selfish interest. Because that's what it's all about. I am selfish -- and the people I follow are interesting and instructive and entertaining to me -- and who might be, who knows, in the position to help me with info that is compatible with my current job -- or who have other shared interests in movies and books. And it goes both ways; I want people who choose to follow me to think it's worthwhile doing so, that I might be able to provide some value, whatever it is, even if it's intangible. As always, TST, another a great post. This has inspired me to think about possibly posting a "following for the sake of following" think piece on my own blog. See? This is what I mean by creating value. You start an idea, it gets me thinking a little differently. Super!

  3. Twitter has fallen prey more and more the past month to trollers who blast batches if names just to build followers, the sad thing is many of them appear to be people running porn sites. Another channel falls to one of the more base groups there is. So ya, watch your followers if you are planning to keep your Twitter account as clean as possible for your use and block away all those you just don't need to hear from. It will be interesting o see how this plays out over time and if some of the mover and shaker developer types in social media can find a way around this to save us all. Idealistic maybe?

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