Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In memory of Lucas, best dog ever 09/24/97 - 06/23/08

Dogs can teach you so many things. My sweet precious boy Lucas, when diagnosed with adeno carcinoma, had just one month left to teach me some of the most important lessons ever. Lucas knew these intimately and lived them every day. I am still his student.

Things you've taught me:

Always show your deep love and devotion when someone you love enters the room.

When there's a crowd, hang back but be near and strong in your commitment.

Forgive quickly, easily and completely so you can love the next moment.

Enjoy absolutely everything you can to the fullest, and show those around you your joy - even at the simplest things.

Be free and giving of your love and support when someone you love is hurting and distressed. Come to them on their terms to help.

Keep playing, even when you may not want to, and show those who love you that it matters to them.

Come when you're called, no matter how you feel - and stay really really close.

Trust the ones you love the most will always return, even if you don't know when or why they left.

When they do return, be open and ready to make a complete fool of yourself showing them your love.
Jump. Dance. Smile. Wiggle. Kiss hard and fast.

Let your eyes show the full depth of your emotions.

Be gracious and accepting when someone tries to help, even if you really don't want it.

When you're scared, come to the ones who love you for comfort and support.

When you just need to "be", and you feel pain or discomfort, let it out, let those who love you stroke your head and love you up.

Approach each day as if it were the first and last day of your life.

When there's anger around you be quick to move in and offer comfort.

Live fully, beautifully and completely in the moment as it happens.


  1. A lovely and precious tribute to a great, great friend. Why such creatures are put on this earth to give us joy is one of life's great mysteries. Lucas knew almost everything about you -- and about himself -- except his own impending mortality. I love how dogs have little notion of what "time" is all about -- other than something ethereal that occurs only in the present. The heart breaks today, but a life lived full is one that can never be labeled as being "cut short." My thoughts and heartfelt condolences for your loss.

    No, Lucas can never be replaced, but he had many great friends and obviously taught so many lessons -- as you've breathtakingly listed above. Your tribute is a declaration that these lessons were his true purpose on earth, his true reason for being your companion for almost 11 years. Rest in piece, Lucas.

  2. I had so many dogs and other animals growing up that I just did not want anymore when I moved out on my own. Nothing written, said, or implied has ever motivated me to want another dog.
    Until now.

    This is a beautiful metaphor for life and living, no matter what kind of animal you are or live with :-)

  3. ... you forgot one.

    Don't ever be ashamed of your haircut, no matter what the neighbours say - "you are perfect, just as you are."

    The last line comes from the ladies room in Vernon. Two different locations had this very wise, lovely and positive graffiti.